If you have a loved one who has ended up in jail, and you want to be able to get them out via a bond, here are three ways that you can help potentially lower the bail bond amount

#1 Contact Your Attorney

One of the first thing that you need to do is contact your attorney if a loved one is in jail. Explain to your attorney that your loved one is in jail and that you want to post their bail. Then, you need to hire and retain the attorney to represent your loved one.

Just by having an attorney retained for your loved ones case, you can lower the fee on the bail bond that you need. This is generally called an "attorney referred bond." By retaining and having your attorney contact the local bail bond business, you are going to be able to lower the fees that you pay by an amount that could be significant depending on how large the bond is. 

#2 Wait For Their First Court Hearing

If possible, see if your loved one is willing to wait in jail until their first court hearing. If your loved one is willing to wait for their arraignment, their bond could get dropped. That is why it is important to retain a criminal defense attorney. At your loved one's arraignment, they can try to get your loved one's bail lowered or even dropped entirely. 

If possible, it can pay to wait for the arraignment, especially if the bail bond cost and fees are a little out of reach for your budget. 

#3 Pay In Cash

Another way to lower the cost of your bail bond fees is by paying in cash. When you are able to pay in cash, versus other payment methods, you may be a discount because your payment does not require any processing fees that will cost the bail bond company money. It is also more direct than using property as collateral for a bail bond, and saves the bail bond company time and resources if your loved one bails on their bond; it will be easier for them to collect this way. 

Keep in mind that most bail bond companies like All Night & Day Bailbonds are willing to work with you to help you afford the bond that you need to post for your loved one. Also, remember that waiting for the first court appearance and retaining a lawyer can make affording a bail bond easier.