If you are late paying your rent or have an unexpected car repair, you may find yourself in dire need of money. If you do not have a credit card or any family or friends that will loan you money, you may be looking for alternate ways to get the money you need. If you have items in your home that are worth money, you may be able to sell or pawn those items and get the cash you need. When you pawn an item to a local pawn store, you are able to pay back the loan and get the item back. When you sell it, you give up all rights to the item forever. If you are looking to sell or pawn items with a local pawn shop, you may find yourself wondering which items will get you the most money. Here are a few of the items you should consider pawning. 


Jewelry is always one of the best items to bring in to a pawn shop. This is because both the precious metal and the cost of the stone can be used in determining how much money the item is worth. Jewelry that is made from gold and platinum will get you more money than jewelry made from silver will. Also, be aware that pawn shops will accept broken jewelry, as the metal can be melted down. If you have jewelry you aren't wearing or never wear, consider pawning or selling it to a pawn shop to get cash quickly. 

Motorized Toy Vehicles

Another item that you can pawn to get money quickly is a motorized toy vehicle. Toy vehicles include items such as dirt bikes, ATVs, jet skis, and motorcycles. However, be aware that you will need to have a clean title on these items in order to pawn them and you will need to bring them with you. You cannot simply take out a title loan on these items. The item will be stored and kept at the pawn shop until you pay the loan off. 


The last group of items that can help you get a decent sum of money quickly is electronics. If you need a lot of money fast, consider pawning high-end televisions, laptops, and computers to a pawn shop. Keep in mind that technology changes quickly and electronics lose their value fast. But, if your items are fairly new and are high-end, you may be able to pawn yours for a reasonable amount of money. 

If you need money now, local pawn shops can help you to get the money you need. Local pawn shops accept many more items, including power tools, video game consoles, designer purses, and musical instruments. But if you are looking to maximize the amount of money you can get, try to bring in jewelry, motorized toy vehicles, and electronics, as these items tend to get you the most money from a pawn shop.