When you are out and about during a holiday weekend, it is always important that you do what you can to stay safe. Holidays bring out crowds and create an uptick in alcohol consumption. This, with an increased police presence, creates a formula for more arrests. Even if you get arrested, all is not lost. 

Follow these tips so that you can learn a bit more about how to prevent and deal with an arrest during a holiday weekend. 

Always cooperate with law enforcement, but know your rights and find out if you are charged

It is important that you stay on the good side of law enforcement during a holiday weekend. If you are at a festival, and, for instance, an officer asks a question, keep in mind that you've likely been drinking and need to be aware of your surroundings. Keep interactions warm, short, and always cooperative, but know your rights. 

For instance, if it appears that an arrest is happening, you need to be read your Miranda Rights. You can also ask the officers specifically why you are being arrested. If you do happen to get processed, you should understand what charge you are facing so that you can act accordingly.

If you get clarity into the situation you won't have as much fear and anxiety and can do your best to get help from professionals that can defend and assist you. 

Have the contact information of bail bond professionals and lawyers for these sorts of weekends

When you know that you are going out on such a weekend, it is important that you have the contact info of some professionals on hand in case there is an emergency like this. For instance, you should set aside the phone numbers of bail bond service companies and lawyers. If you happen to be out of town during a party weekend, you will most likely see a number of billboards and posters for lawyers and bail bond agents that can help you out while you're here. 

Before you get the party started, take the time to save this information, and make sure that everyone else in your group has the same information in case you all get separated. Bail bond professionals will charge about 10 percent of a bond's amount, so be sure you have some cash or collateral. 

Use these tips to get the bail bond and the legal service that you need. Contact a company like HB Bail Bonds for more information.