Buying your first house is an exciting time. You finally have enough money for your down payment and closing costs saved and are ready to invest in your version of the American Dream. Relying on the advice of an experienced mortgage lender can help make the process easier. Your full-service mortgage lender can tell you all the steps you need to take before you get the keys, but here are a few things that they definitely do not want to see you do while house hunting.  

1. Buy a new car.

No matter how badly you may need a new or new-to-you car do not buy or lease one. If your car dies during the house-hunting process, make any other arrangements for daily transportation that you can. Not only will the added monthly expense of a new car payment skew your debt-to-income ratio of your lender's loan program, but car dealerships are notorious for sending your credit through to multiple financing companies. As each finance company checks your credit score, a new inquiry is listed on your report, lowering your score. 

2. Quit your job.

While it is obvious that you can't buy a house without a job, most home buyers do not realize that changing jobs is just as bad in the eyes of a mortgage lender. They want to loan money to someone with a solid work history and at least two years at the same job. While your new position may be a step up, try to wait until after you close on your new house. 

3. Withdraw large amounts of cash from your savings. 

Banks like to see not only your down payment, but also additional cash reserves in your savings account, money market, or checking account. Your lender will ask to see bank statements. They typically ask for two months, but it is not uncommon to give them six or even twelve months of statements. If there is a suspicious withdrawal or transfer in a large amount, you will need to document what you used it for. 

4. Forget to pay a bill. 

After working so hard on your credit report and credit score, do not blow it by forgetting to pay a bill on time. While a 30-day late on your credit report is nothing to fret about, your mortgage lender does not want to see that when they are about to close your mortgage loan. 

There are multiple things you need to do when buying a house, but there are also things that you should never do. Keep the above in mind when you are out there speaking with mortgage lenders