Do you ever run short on cash while waiting for your next paycheck? Experiencing times like this can be frustrating, yet it happens to many people. Fortunately, you can find ways to borrow money to get through these times. One option is a personal loan. Of course, you can also use personal loans for other purposes. However, a personal loan is ideal for these situations. Before borrowing money through one, you might ask the lender a few crucial questions, including the following.  

How much will you offer?

Personal loan lenders issue loans of all sizes, but they typically don't issue large loans. For example, you might be able to borrow $500 to get through a tough time. However, you might also qualify to borrow more, such as $20,000. The amounts vary by lender, but they also vary by other factors. For example, a lender might base the amount on your income. They might also consider your credit. You can also find lenders that don't do credit checks, which is a great option for people with poor credit.

What are the fees?

Next, ask about the fees. Every loan comes at a cost, but the cost varies. You might discover that the lender charges an origination fee, which is a one-time fee. Most lenders also charge interest on the money, so you can ask about the interest rate to learn more.

When is it due?

In most cases, people repay personal loans through installment payments. The lender can explain the repayment schedule, telling you the payment amount and due dates.

Can you extend the loan?

If you suspect you'll have trouble repaying the loan, ask about the options for extending it. Many lenders will extend the due dates for personal loans. However, they might charge an extra fee for this service.

Will you notify the credit bureaus?

You can also talk to the lender to learn about the effects the loan will have on your credit. For example, will they report the loan to the credit bureaus? If so, making on-time payments can be beneficial for your credit score.

Talk to a personal loan lender

You can talk to a lender that offers personal loans if you're interested in applying for one. Then, you can ask these questions before proceeding. Borrowing money can help you get through tough financial times, so contact a personal loan lender to learn more about their loan options.

Contact a local loan service to learn more about personal loans.